Raul Lionzo
Lionzo with a gun in Bottom of the Eighth
Full name Raul Lionzo
Status Determinant
Age 30
Affiliation(s) Black Viceroys
Maurice Vega
Profession Dishwasher (former)
Prison inmate
Voice Actor Shawn Baichoo
Appears in Watch Dogs
First appeared Bottom of the Eighth
Last appeared Dressed in Peels
Yo, Maurice... yo, what's shaking, motherfuck...
―Lionzo's first words in the game

Raul Lionzo is a minor character in Watch Dogs.

Game plot

Raul is tasked with leading a group of Black Viceroys assigned to protect hitman Maurice Vega during a meeting with Jordi Chin in the basement of May Stadium during the championship game. Upon arrival, the gang members are killed off by Chin with the exception of Lionzo, who is stabbed from behind after pulling a gun on Aiden Pearce, the uncle of one of Vega's victims who had arranged the meet so he could interrogate and capture Vega.

Left alive, Raul is framed for the slaying of his crew, arrested, and sent to Palin Correctional Center, where a group of corrupt corrections officers notify the Chicago South Club of his survival. Convinced that he can identify Pearce as the "Vigilante", the Club arranges for Fixer Angelo Tucci and his team to abduct Lionzo and interrogate him. When Angelo and his men are eliminated by Pearce, the Club instead orders the corrupt officers to take him to the center's laundry room and interrogate him themselves.

Posing as inmate Joe Smith, Pearce infiltrates the room and kills the officers, as well as an Enforcer sent to kill Lionzo. In the midst of the gunfight, Lionzo manages to hide in a nearby boiler room despite suffering a bruised rib from a beating. Aiden follows and confronts him with a warning, saying that if he ever talks, he will be incarcerated for 60 years instead of 60 days. He can be killed before Aiden makes his escape.

Mission Appearances


  • During Dressed in Peels, Lionzo has two different CTOS profiles.
    • Victim of abuse; Occupation: Inmate
      • Seen while watching Lionzo get beaten
    • Black Viceroy Gang Member; Occupation: Dishwasher; Income: $3100
      • Seen after confronting Lionzo
      • This profile is also the one seen in Bottom of the Eighth