Slot Sidearm
Weapon Type Full-Auto Submachine Gun
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage Low
Fire Rate High
Range Medium
Stability Medium
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 20|360
Price $5,000 (Gun Stores)
Appears in Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs 2
The R-2000 is a Russian submachine gun. Designed for riot control and close combat, it is efficient and maneuverable, with decent recoil.
―In-game Description

The R-2000 is a submachine gun that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The weapon is based on the PP-2000, which is used by the Spetsnaz for counter-terrorism.


The gun is a good one-hand killer, and with the 20-bullet mag and a reasonable recoil, this is a killer in short-medium ranges. Although its recoil embiggens as the user continues shooting, it is not very powerful against armored enemies.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2


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