Pussler was an associate of Aiden Pearce, seen in Watch Dogs //n/ Dark Clouds. He was a drug addict and an actor. He usually pretended to be an EMT that would rush to Aiden's aid. He was later killed by Clyde Merwiss.


Pussler pretended to be an EMT that helped Aiden into an ambulance after he was shot. He then escorted Aiden to a safehouse where he could be treated by Doc Morrsky. As Mick Wolfe was escaping the shootout with Greywater Security, Pussler arrived in an ambulance to rescue him. While he was in one of Aiden’s safehouses, Pussler got the feeling that he was being watched.

Pussler told Aiden that someone had found him, and Aiden decided to go there to investigate. When Aiden arrived, he found Pussler in a pool of blood with a knife in his chest. With his dying breath he warned Aiden that Clyde Merwiss, the man that stabbed him, was in the bathroom. Aiden then confronted Clyde and shot him through the heart. As Aiden left, he said he was sorry to Pussler's body and decided to have an associate cleanup the bodies.