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The Professional Hitman is a Skilled Operative Class in Watch Dogs: Legion.


The Professional Hitman rightfully sets themselves to be the deadliest person in a room, the first gun to fire, and the last one standing. Anything less than that, and they would not be living up to the job they do, animal abusers be especially wary.


The Professional Hitman typically comes equipped with the following Traits:

  • Desert Eagle - Personal sidearm
  • G36 - Primary firearm
  • Gunkata - Gun takedowns are instant and lethal even to aware enemies
  • Combat Roll - Evading incoming damage while also auto-reloading weapons

There is a uncommon chance of the Professional Hitman being recruited with an iteration of the Vendetta trait, allowing them to do more damage to members of Albion/Clan Kelley.


A Professional Hitman can be recruited into DedSec by raising the Defiance rating of the Nine Elms borough. They can also be found in locations around the city at certain times, such as:

  • Under the Paste-Up attached to The Sanford Theatre in the City of Westminster, directly north of Trafalgar Square, between 03:30 and 04:30.
  • Around the arch structure situated between the ETO Bank Construction Site and Euston Station in Camden, between 22:00 and 23:00.
  • Along the Tower Hamlets docks directly East of the Whitechapel London Underground stop around 05:00.
  • Outside of the Furzton Tower Block.
  • In a side alley heading towards Chinatown from Leicester Square.
  • In Walker's Court at 00:00.
  • In an alley by The New Market.


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  • The usage of a Desert Eagle as well as Gunkata and Combat Roll in the Operative's skillset indicates they are likely a reference to the popular character John Wick, who utilizes the latter two and has a history of doing work as an assassin and hitman.