Poker is one of the seven minigames found in Watch Dogs.


In the game, poker is played in Texas Hold 'em style, but Aiden can use his hacking skills to cheat, by using the Profiler to monitor the stress of the other players around them, and to check the Win and Lose ratio of their cards, or by hacking into nearby security cameras to spy on his opponents' cards.

In Watch Dogs, there are four levels of poker available to play throughout several locations in the city of Chicago. There is low stakes poker, medium stakes poker, high stakes poker, and super stakes poker for the player who can afford it. Gameplay-wise, each level of poker remains similar with the exception of the pot holding higher or lower cash rewards depending on what level of poker Aiden is playing.

Successfully clearing out a poker table will award the player the Sayonara LE via the Car On Demand app. Aiden is also seen playing a game of poker in the mission One Foot in the Grave along with Tobias Frewer, although he cannot finish it.


High Stakes Poker $30,000 Win

High Stakes Poker $30,000 Win

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