Planting a Bug
Planting a Bug
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 14
Unlocked by completing Role Model
Unlocks Way Off the Grid

Planting a Bug is the 29th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 14th mission of Act II.


After saving Jackson, Aiden calls Tyrone "Bedbug" Hayes and tells him "the time has come". Then, Aiden goes to the Unicorn & Dragon Pub and leaves an audio recorder for Bedbug to take it. Then, Aiden infiltrates the Rossi-Fremont building complex and hacks the cameras of the building. Aiden tells Bedbug where to go by the cameras to make Bedbug go to the servers.

When Bedbug reaches the servers, Aiden hacks the server through Bedbug's camera. Shortly after this, Bedbug hears gangbanger sounds. Afraid, Bedbug takes a server table and puts it to block the door. Aiden disconnects from the servers and Iraq catches Bedbug. Then, before the Bedbug's camera is disconnected, Aiden sees that Iraq hangs Bedbug out of the window. Iraq calls to find Aiden, but Aiden escapes as the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Get into position and contact Bedbug.
  • Guide Bedbug to Iraq's locked server room.
  • Escape the Viceroys.


  • Most of the guards between Bedbug and Iraq's server have fixed profiles, though their ages and incomes are randomized:
    • The 1st guard, patrolling the hallway outside the elevator: Manny Janes, Wife is 32 weeks pregnant, Occupation: Warehouse Stacker.
    • The 2nd guard, patrolling inside the drug room near the broken elevator shaft: Earl Waller, Recent sports car purchase, Occupation: Unemployed.
    • The 3rd guard, in the drug room resting against the L-shaped table: Dean Royce, Upcoming parole appointment, Occupation: Unemployed.

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