Piper Gate

Piper Gate is one of the City Hotspot locations found in Parker Square and is a landmark within Chicago in Watch Dogs. It is based on the Little Village area of South Lawndale.


The Piper Gate serves as the starting point for Chicago's annual Cinco de Mayo street festival. For an entire weekend, this small corner of Chicago comes to life in a celebration of Mexican music, food, and culture. It is one of my personal favorite things to do in the city. Try to find me next year! I'll be the one gorging myself on pupusas and trying to talk up the tango dancers.


  • Despite the area being noted for its Cinco de Mayo festival, the in-game description notes its famous for pupusas and tango dancers, which is ironic because pupusas are a Salvadorean dish (gorditas being their Mexican equivalent) and tango is generally associated with Argentina.
    • It is unknown whether this was a cultural misunderstanding by the developers, or meant to be ironic, as some of the other City Hotspot descriptions are.
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