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Pink Slips
Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Followers gained 27,000
Primary target Pharmingtons

Pink Slips is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.


Black Sheep

Marcus intercepts the phone call of a recently fired Pharmingtons employee, who says he was fired for apparently typing the word "DedSec" on his computer. Marcus asks DedSec if they had ever done a Pharmingtons op, which Sitara says they haven't. When Marcus explains the situation to them, Josh notes that firing someone based on an Internet search is illegal. Marcus decides to hack into one of their pharmacies and learn more about the situation. He hacks into the building's surveillance system and then into a company laptop, where he finds an email confirming his suspicions.

Pro Bono

Marcus tells DedSec that Pharmingtons is using Blume programs to flag "high-risk" employees based on certain keywords used in Internet searches, with DedSec topping the list. Josh is upset that people are being unfairly dismissed just for supporting them, and that DedSec needs to help these people. Marcus agrees, and decides to hack into Pharmingtons head office and provide "severance packages" to the fired employees. He transfers $10,000 to each fired employee from an illegal account so that Pharmingtons accountants can't report the theft.


Black Sheep

  • Objective: Hack Pharmingtons' computer
  • Brief: It looks like Pharmingtons has been firing their employees for links to DedSec. We protect our own. We're going to hack into one of their systems and find out why this call was made.

Pro Bono

  • Objective: Hack Pharmingtons' finance computer
  • Brief: Now that we know Pharmingtons is flagging anyone who even searches for DedSec as a potential risk and terminating their careers, we've decided to do a little invisible-lawyering by visiting Pharmingtons' finance office and make sure things are... settled out of court.

Intercepted E-mails

There are three e-mails to be obtained during this mission:

  • E-mail #1 is shown when the player hacks the civilian, unlocking this mission.
  • E-mail #2 is shown as the player hacks Pharmingtons' computer.
  • E-mail #3 is shown as the player hacks Pharmingtons' finance computer.

E-mail #1

To: Pharma_HR

From: Eaglando

"I explained this as I was rudely ejected from the building. I am NOT a member of DedSec! And I have NEVER typed that word into my work computer."

E-mail #2

To: L. Rossum

From: B. Udane

"A reminder to managers testing the ctOS analytics system: personal politics should not factor into employment policies. For example, "DedSec" was marked as a red flag. Expect a legal briefing later this week."

E-mail #3

To: Pharma_HR

From: ctOS_Reports

"Attached are your requested employee search results, specifically targeting keywords: DedSec, Prime_Eight, #NoMoreLies, New Dawn. If you have any questions about how the data was collected, please refer to your Blume contact."

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