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The Pawnee Militia is a paramilitary gang in Watch Dogs. They primarily operate out of Pawnee with some presence in Chicago, and are tertiary antagonists in the later segments of the game.


The militia are largely hunters, gun collectors, army veterans, hired guns, and survivalists. They oppose the government, keep their weapons close, exhibit antisocial behavior towards strangers, and train for what they believe is the coming apocalypse.

Because of their experience and willingness to do just about any kind of dirty work, they are frequently hired by other groups such as the Chicago South Club to serve as escorts or hitmen. Blume is also known to retain a large number of militia contractors to guard its headquarters in Pawnee, since it would be riskier and more expensive to use its own security forces.

In the aftermath of Aiden's revenge, the Militia remake themselves into a domestic terrorist organization targeting Blume following the annulment of their security contract.


Militia members dress in outdoorsmen-style clothes such as fur-lined jackets, fishing vests and hats, flannel shirts, blue jeans, and boots while higher-ranking members wear camouflage body armor and helmets. They tend to use assault and automatic weaponry, along with long-range sniper rifles.



Militia vehicles can be identified by their olive-drab paint, but possess no body modifications and are otherwise identical to their stock counterparts.



  • Despite being influenced by right-wing opinions, the militia never actually mention any during the campaign.
  • In many Gang Hideout and Criminal Convoy missions featuring the Militia, there are two or three targets to take down instead of just one.
    • Additionally, in two Convoys they have two Enforcers.
  • For some reason, during several Gang Hideout missions involving the Milita, the targets Aiden must take down are actually members of the Black Viceroys.
  • It is unknown why the Militia would allow themselves to be hired by a "government" related organization such as Blume. It could be easily assumed that Blume is corrupt, shown by their ties with the Chicago South Club. This could indicate hypocrisy on the part of the Militia, or they simply accepted the contract for financial reasons.