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Parker Square is one of the six districts of Chicago in Watch Dogs.


The Parker Square district is mainly a residential district, as seen by the large amount of houses in the area. It is quite a wealthy district. 

The district is mainly made up of houses, and has a small countryside area. This is also where the May Stadium is located. Construction sites can be found in the southern part. To the north, there is a church.

The district is home to the Pearce family, and it appears that they used to live here since they arrived in Chicago. Nicole and her children used to live in a housing block, while Aiden used to live in a motel room in the Owl Motel.


Parker Square is connected to The Loop by a bridge over the Chicago River. Is located west of the Loop and forms the largest district on the western landmass. It is south of Pawnee and north of The Wards. Aiden's first Hideout is located in Parker Square.


  • Battery Heights
  • Piper Village
  • High Grove
  • Park Hill

Places of Interest


CTOS Towers

  • Pequino Village Tower
  • Hill Park Tower

City Hotspots

There are a total of 8 City Hotspots located in Parker Square.

Hotspot Name Location
Botanical Gardens Parker Square
St. Joseph Cemetery Parker Square
Farris Halstead Library Parker Square
May Stadium Parker Square
Phoebus Theater Parker Square
Parker Square Marina Parker Square
Owl Motel Parker Square
Piper Gate Parker Square

Cash Run Tracks

There are a total of 7 Cash Run tracks located in Parker Square.

Track Name Gold Timing Silver Timing Bronze Timing Location
The Running Dead 1:16:00 1:35:00 1:54:00
Car Parkour 1:44:00 2:10:00 2:36:00
Garden Party 1:20:00 1:40:00 2:00:00
Hard Yards 1:13:00 1:31:00 1:50:00
Gas Pump Gallop 1:45:00 2:11:00 2:38:00
Dock & Roll 1:54:00 2:23:00 2:51:00
Going Locomotive 1:38:00 2:03:00 2:27:00


  • This is the only district that does not feature a ctOS control center. When the storyline begins, Aiden already has ctOS access to the district, gained by his actions at the May Stadium.
  • It is based on the Near West Side district.
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