Palin Correctional Center

Palin Correctional Center is a prison within Chicago in Watch Dogs. It is based on the Metropolitan Correctional Center in real-life Chicago.


For over 40 years, this geometrically curious building has been a unique but imposing symbol of law and order in Chicago. Although many prisoners have attempted to escape, no one has been able to stay free for very long. I think the building is kind of pretty, myself.

Events of Watch Dogs

In September 2013, Aiden Pearce was alerted that somebody from the May Stadium incident, a thug named Raul Lionzo, had survived and was being sent to the Palin Correctional Center. After killing Angelo Tucci, who was going to use Lionzo to discover the Vigilante's real identity, Aiden went to the Center to turn himself in. After tracking Lionzo down and killing the guards who were going to extract his identity from him, Aiden threatened Lionzo with an extended sentence if he ever told anyone the secret. He then successfully escaped.


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Fugitive You're brave! Don't hang around too long! Check into the Palin Correctional Center while actively chased by the police.

Mission Appearances

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