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These pricks are gonna blow up Parliament and hang it on us! 
Dalton Wolfe

Operation Westminster is the first and prologue mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It also serves as an introductory tutorial mission, and teaches the player how to control characters, fight, and hack objects.


DedSec is informed of a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London via bombs. Operative Dalton Wolfe is sent to infiltrate the building and defuse the bombs, as DedSec will be framed for the bombing if it is successful. Upon entering the building via the sewers, Dalton, who is being aided by Sabine Brandt and Bagley, comes across thugs in black and a ton of explosives rigged to blow. Dalton attempts to defuse the bombs via a primary computer set up in the House of Commons, but is interrupted by more men in black. Bagley takes over the process and defuses the bombs while Dalton fends off the thugs. When the thugs are defeated, Dalton approaches the computer and pulls a wire out, successfully defusing the bombs.

However, the computer is hacked by Zero Day, who informs Dalton and DedSec that more bombs are present throughout London, and are rigged to blow. Bagley informs Dalton that there is a transmitter on the roof which is sending out signals to the other bombs, and if he deactivates it, the bombs should deactivate. Just then, the men in black infiltrate the DedSec cell and open fire on the operatives, killing some of them. Sabine is left with no choice but to wipe Bagley's hard drive and memory so the thugs don't breach him, and Dalton is left to deactivate the transmitter himself. Upon fighting his way through the rest of the building, Dalton reaches the roof and successfully shuts down the transmitter, but is once again interrupted by Zero Day.

Just then, a giant hologram of an unknown Zero Day operative, possibly the leader, is projected in front of Wolfe via drones. The operative tells Wolfe that destruction has always been the answer, and huge explosions begin to go off around London, indicating that Wolfe's shutdown of the bombs failed. Dalton spends his final moments watching in horror as his city is blown to bits, and the drones open fire on Wolfe, killing him. What follows is months of political and social unrest across London as the dead are mourned, DedSec is blamed for the bombings, and Albion, a private military faction led by Nigel Cass, is hired by the Prime Minister to patrol London and kill any DedSec operatives, leading to massive protests and riots.


  • Investigate the threat to Parliament
  • Reach the House of Commons
  • Deactivate the Detonator
  • Survive the Ambush
  • Deactivate the Detonator
  • Reach the Rooftop Antenna



  • Operation Westminster is the only mission where a playable character is killed as part of the story.
  • Bagley states that the bombs are made out of "RDX Nitrogen", which makes them more explosive. This is, of course, a fictional material.
  • All Guards can be eliminated by nonlethal means, but only those during and after the objective "Survive the Ambush", can be killed.
  • The following mission, Restart DedSec, starts immediately after the completion of this mission, but takes place months after.
  • The Player cannot be knocked out, injured, or killed during this mission.


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