Slot Primary
Weapon Type Full-Auto Assault Rifle
Weapon Rating Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage Medium
Fire Rate High
Range High
Stability Low
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 40|360
Price $600 (gun stores)
Free (Online Hacking reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs Watch Dogs 2
The OCP-11 is a small, high caliber assault rifle with strong recoil. It can deal damage, but is not very accurate.
―In-game description

The OCP-11 is an Assault Rifle that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The gun has a unique PDW-type design that is hard to attribute to a real-world firearm. The weapon's design seems to be inspired by that of an AK-47-based assault rifle, more specifically the AK-12. The gun, however, features a four-sided handguard with picatinny rails on each side (the top being full length to accommodate a wider range of attachment positions). The gun also features a lightweight retractable stock.


As stated by its description, the OCP-11 has a high, and unpredictable, recoil that will miss any target in long-range assaults. However, its damage and rate of fire makes up for any unarmored target, especially headshots. Due to the recoil, is preferable to make a small burst or a single shot to the target to avoid wasting ammo, unless the target is close enough to shoot at full auto.



  • The in-game classification of the OCP-11 as an assault rifle is contrary to the real life conventional PDW-type weapons classification as SMGs.
  • At $600, it is the cheapest Assault Rifle in the game.


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