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The OCP-11 is a small, high caliber assault rifle with strong recoil. It can deal damage, but is not very accurate. 
―In-game description

The OCP-11 is an Assault Rifle that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The gun has a unique PDW-type design that is hard to attribute to a real-world firearm. The weapon's design seems to be inspired by that of an AK-47-based assault rifle, more specifically the AK-12. This is most evident when comparing stats with the AK-47, with both weapons having the same performance values. The rifle features a four-sided handguard with picatinny rails on each side (the top being full length to accommodate a wider range of attachments). The gun also features a lightweight retractable stock.


The weapon essentially performs the same as an AK-47, but with a higher-capacity magazine. As stated by its description, the OCP-11 has a high, and unpredictable, recoil that will miss any target in long-range assaults. However, its damage and rate of fire makes up for any unarmored target, especially headshots. Due to the recoil, is preferable to make a small burst or a single shot to the target to avoid wasting ammo, unless the target is close enough to shoot at full auto. With this in mind, the OCP-11's 40-round magazine capacity is very useful in close-quarters combat, especially when fighting heavily armored enemies such as enforcers, as the player will not have to reload as quickly as they would when using most other rifles.


Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

  • Can be purchased at the 3D Printer for $21,600.
  • Rarely used by Police.


  • The in-game classification of the OCP-11 as an assault rifle is contrary to the real life conventional PDW-type weapons classification as SMGs.
  • At $600, it is the cheapest Assault Rifle in the game.


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