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Not to be confused with the eNudle Kart.

The Nudle Car is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The vehicle takes its inspirations from the Google self-driving car project, seen in the overall greenhouse area. The vehicle sports four circular headlights and two circular tailights. The Nudle Car, as the name says, is developed by Nudle, seen in the Nudle markings on the sides.


As an electric vehicle, the Nudle Car can be though as a slower and heavier Merengue, but more stable. The car has decent acceleration thanks to its small electric engine and compact design, as well as good handling. The car, however, is not very strong, as a few head-on collisions will disable it rather quickly and its ramming power is poor, making it not recommended for higher heat levels. It is a front wheel drive vehicle.




  • The icon in the Car On Demand app depicts a Nudle Car with a sensor system on the roof and no markings, while the one in-game lacks the sensor and has Nudle markings.


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