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Nowt is a character in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Events of Watch Dogs: Legion

Nowt first appears in the mission Initiate Sequence, where she shows a 404 recruitment video to the player. Sabine Brandt mocks Nowt by laughing at the video, saying "looks like all the cool kids are starting hacker groups these days". The video states that all are welcome to join 404. When DedSec decides to "infiltrate" 404 by accepting and completing their first contract, Nowt wants to meet the player.

The player plugs into a live video feed where Nowt is seen beating up an Albion guard. Before she fully trusts the player, another contract must be completed. After that, she reveals her ultimate goal: to track down Skye Larsen and take down Project Daybreak. With the help of DedSec, Skye is either killed or left alive. If the player chooses to let Skye live, Nowt is infuriated, telling the operative that DedSec can "fuck right off," though she later apologizes. If Skye is killed, Nowt reacts positively, agreeing to give DedSec access to more 404 contracts.

After the 404 storyline is completed, Nowt appears in the Safehouse to give the player additional missions. She is also present at the party held after the death of Nigel Cass.



Nowt is a slim, average height Caucasian woman. She sports glasses with black headphones around her neck, a blue jacket, a white/pink skirt, two armbands (one on each wrist), black trousers, tight trackpants, and a pair of black sturdy boots with some black wool peaking outside.


Nowt has a strong personality, knowing what's good and what's bad. Unlike some of the other hacker characters in previous Watch Dogs games, she is not paranoid at all and does virtually nothing to hide her identity and location, which even the members of DedSec found strange. She is not impatient, as seen in the recruitment video in the mission Initiate Sequence, where she says: "we're taking down the elite, one contract at a time".


  • At first, Sabine thought Nowt and 404 were just some script kiddies, mocking her and laughing at their recruitment video.
  • Nowt’s real name is unknown.
  • The English word "Nought" is used to refer to the number zero (0). Nowt is pronounced as Nought, so it is no surprise the members of DedSec thought that 404 and Nowt were Zero Day. At the very least, it could be a reference.
  • ”Nowt” in English parlance means “nothing.” Bagley references this when he is unable to find any data about her.
  • Nowt tends to end conversations with the word "laters". She also likes to use the phrase “dead good” to indicate her approval of something.
  • Nowt is from Manchester as shown by her accent and her use of the word Minging which is typical Manc slang for unpleasant or very bad.