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Nine Elms is one of the eight boroughs of London, in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Nine Elms is located in the South-Western border of London and is directly west of Lambeth and connected to the City of Westminster by an underground tunnel and the Nine Elms Walkway. It is also the smallest of all the boroughs in the game.


This borough has been heavily redeveloped with a more modern aesthetic as seen in locations like the Battersea Power Station (now simply The Battersea), which now serves as a high-end shopping center. It is also home to the Parcel Fox Distribution Centre where Parcel Fox drones are dispatched from to make deliveries across the city.

Notable Landmarks

Notable landmarks present in the borough include:

Underground Stations in Nine Elms

There are a total of three Underground stations you can use to fast travel in and out of Nine Elms:

  • Nine Elms
  • Embassy
  • Vauxhall

Borough Uprising


These must be completed to trigger the uprising mission
Task Location
Sabotage Nine Elms Docks
Neutralise VIP Albion Station Nine Elms
Photograph Evidence Parcel Fox Distribution Centre


The defiance mission is The Black Hole of Battersea and is located in The Battersea.


Resistance Report

"The Nine Elms region was meant to be a developer's dream of London's future: a scintillating strip of redeveloped Thames studded with high-rise offices, embassies, and condominium buildings. The dream came true... mostly. Billions of pounds of funding were poured into various construction projects throughout the neighbourhood over the past decade or three, and then... nothing. As the UK began to stray from the international flock, foreign businesses and investors understandably got cold feet, and many of these projects found themselves suddenly unfunded and abandoned. Some evidence of this is unseen, such as the massive vacancy rates of high-end Wandsworth flats. Certain halted projects, such as the skeletal half-completed bridge meant to connect Pimlico and Wandsworth, are eyesores and glaring reminders of the impact of the British recession."


  • In the Resistance Report, the area is known as Wandsworth. This may have been an oversight in editing or a late change to the game.