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I used to have faith in people, too. I got a good man killed once.
―Nigel Cass

Nigel Cass is a character and antagonist in Watch Dogs: Legion.



Nigel Cass was the CEO of Albion, the security corporation in London. He had led the company to overtake London, replacing the old law enforcement, and to hunt down DedSec members. Unknown to the public, he made a back door deal with rogue members of SIRS known as Zero Day  allowing them to create a terrorist attack on the Parliament House and framed DedSec in the process.

After the terror attack, Nigel was granted full security control over the entire city along with the CTOS system provided by Blume which he used to hunt down DedSec members and operatives. He later on shot the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and had the blame put on DedSec when the former refused to allow Nigel to use advanced combat drones from Tidis to eliminate crime.

Cass' main aim was to take full control of London and the entire United Kingdom and control the entire law enforcement system. The main reason behind this agenda was because he saw his father get killed by random gangsters which set him on the path of revenge.


In the mission London's Protectors, a DedSec operative (chosen by the player) infiltrates the Tower of London, where Cass was hiding in the bunker beneath the fortress. He was prepared to fight the operative by controlling a prototype combat drone with turrets to attack, while sending Albion soldiers to the scene. Despite those efforts, his drone was destroyed by the operative, and Cass, as a last resort, took out a rifle and attempted to kill the operative. However, he was gunned down by the operative. On his last dying breath, he told the operative that DedSec will never be better than him, as he died.


Nigel keeps a calm and organized demeanor, while also being a cold and unforgiving liar, murdering the Metropolitan Police Commissioner without any sign of remorse and pinning the Commissioner's death on DedSec to assume more power and justification to Albion. In the mission Inside Albion, it is revealed that Cass experienced a deeply traumatic event when he witnessed his father, Gareth, being murdered by random gangsters. Because of that, he began exhibiting symptoms after what he frequently described as a 'random' event. His initial symptoms included insomnia, paranoia, distorted blame and recurring flashbacks, however he channeled his anger and self-described powerlessness into his work, and to ensure Albion become a quote "mechanism for preventing unpredictable violence."

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