Niall Quinn
Full name Niall Quinn
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Chicago South Club
Parents Dermot Quinn (father)
Appears in 'Watch Dogs: Bad Blood'
First mention T-Bwned
The Chicago South Club has entered a new era of blatant violence under the suspected leadership of Niall Quinn, son of former mafia boss Lucky Quinn. Several recent "shock and awe" attacks have been linked to the organization as it tries to reestablish dominance in the criminal heirarchy.
―Description of the new Chicago South Club in the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC.

Niall Quinn is an unseen character in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood and Watch Dogs //n/ Dark Clouds. He is Dermot "Lucky" Quinn's son and is suspected to be the new leader of the Chicago South Club following the death of his father, who was the leader of the Club.


Little is known about Niall, other than at some point after Aiden Pearce killed his father, he inherited control of the Chicago South Club. In order to secure his leadership position, Niall started a turf war with the Pawnee Militia, butting heads with a Militia captain named Hugo in the process. Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney and Detective Sheila Billings, who had been investigating the Club's recent increase in violent crimes, decided to take advantage of the feud to remove Niall from power by covertly supporting Hugo. They began to put more pressure on the Club, escalating the conflict while eliminating Niall's heavy hitters and stalling his attacks on Hugo until Hugo and the Militia were ready to make a move on him.

What neither they nor Hugo suspected, however, was that Niall, having inherited some of his father's foresight, had at some point met with Hugo's crew and cut a deal with them to betray Hugo and support him instead, should Hugo ever make a direct move against him. As a result, when Hugo arrived at Niall's club to confront him directly, his men turned on him and executed him in front of Niall, ending the conflict.