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New dawn temple

View through the east gates

Not to be confused with the New Dawn Facility or New Dawn HQ.
Built in the days of Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright, this modern church now belongs to the New Dawn. Though rumors abound regarding the religious group, the temple remains an architectural landmark.
―In-game description

The New Dawn Temple is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


The New Dawn Temple is a church owned by the Church of the New Dawn. It is located to the very southwest of the map, north of Crystal Springs Dam and south of San Bruno Mountain.


The temple is guarded by a small gate that is possible to break through with a car, but Marcus must access another gate to get to the temple. It is a restricted zone with Umeni officers stationed there. The building is shaped of multiple wooden triangular figures. Marcus can only access the building itself during the mission False Profits, otherwise it is off limits. It hosts the Sumerian tablets of New Dawn.


  • 1 paint job on the west-side of the compound.
  • 1 money bag in the garage on the east-side of the compound.


  • The location appears in the mission False Profits.
  • The garage is accessible after activating the CTOS box inside it.
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