NVZN icon as seen from the smartphone menu

NVZN (pronounced invasion) is a smartphone game that appears in Watch Dogs.[1]


The game is an augmented reality game that works in combination with the smartphone. The game works using facial recognition software and geo-location. Successfully completing 5 waves unlocks the Auto Weapons Expert skill in the Skills Tree.


The player is given a luminescent green handgun-like weapon and must use this weapon to destroy purple aliens that come though portals.

The gun the player will use uses the same aiming system as the "real-world" guns and Aiden can use others on occasion. Points are awarded for each alien that is blasted and high scores are recorded at the end of each session.

Video Gameplay

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 14 - NVZM

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 14 - NVZM


  • People who get close around Aiden will think he's holding an actual gun while playing NVZN, however they do not report him to the police. Instead, they look at him weird.
  • NPCs can be seen playing NVZN either with their Smartphone App of the game or using the actual NVZN controller.


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