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A variety of music, including songs and musical tracks, appears in Watch Dogs.


Various stores in Chicago may have music playing in the background to create a pleasant shopping atmosphere inside. Likewise, cafes and restaurants may have music playing inside and outside as well. Music can be interacted with as an improvised Profiler ability. A variety of genres and sub-genres are available in the game.

Music may also be performed live on the streets of Chicago by buskers using instruments such as the saxophone.

Obtaining Tracks

Each licensed track can be added to a personal in-game library on Aiden's smartphone, using the Song Sneak app. Once obtained, these tracks can be played from a vehicle's entertainment system when inside. They can also be played while Aiden is walking around the city. He can control the songs from the app on his smartphone, and organize them into playlists for both walking and driving.

List of Tracks

  • There are a total of 72 songs in Watch Dogs.


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Awake" by JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound (2011)
"Cold Night In Chicago" by Danny Chaimson & The 11th Hour (2009)
"He Used To Be" by The Right Now (2014)
"Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield (1970)
"No Number" by Mike Golden & Friends (2011)
"Talk" by Julia Klee (2011)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Blues Before Sunrise" by Elmore James and His Broomdusters (2000)
"GreenGREED" by CharlieRED (2013)
"Howlin' For My Darlin'" Howlin' Wolf (1962)
"Kick Me To The Curb" by Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials (2012)
"You Burnt Me" by Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials (2012)
"Yes Machine" by Paul Cary (2007)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Bright Idea" by Drew Gress (2005)
"Cluj-Napoca" by Bryan Doherty Band (2008)
"Scott Free" by Matt Ulery (2007)

Hip Hop

Song: Preview: Notes:
"Blvck and White" by muGz feat. SRH (2014)
"Break It Down" by Kidz In The Hall (2011)
"Came Thru/Easily" by Chuck Inglish feat. Ab-Soul, Mac Miller (2011)
"C.R.E.A.M." by Wu-Tang Clan (1993) Unlocked in Uninvited.
"Day By Day" by Longshot (2007)
"Day 'N' Nite" by Kid Cudi (2009)
"Feds Watching" by 2 Chains feat. Pharell Williams (2013)
"Gas Station" by The Cool Kids feat. Bun B (2011)
"I Shall Not Be Moved" by Public Enemy (2012)
"Invincible" by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) (2012)
"Old Lock It Down" by Treologic feat. Psalm One (2008)
"One Mic" by Nas (2001)
"Out To Lunch" by Kidz In The Hall feat. The Kid Daytona(2010)
"Where The Sidewalk Ends" by JDP (2001)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Confidential Liar" by Vannatica (2011) Not Available on Spotify.
"Dance" by Mickey (2011)
"Dangerous Tonight" by Alice Cooper (1991)
"Diane Young" by Vampire Weekend (2015)
"Gimme Danger (Remix)" by Iggy and The Stooges (1973)
"Lost Boys" by Summer Girlfriends (2012) Not Available on Spotify.
"My Love Is Winter" by The Smashing Pumpkins (2012)
"Panic" by On An On (2013)
"So Ambitious (GDM Remix)" by Victorian Halls (2014)
"The Bottom" by The Record Low (2007)
"The Good Life" by Weezer (1996)
"When I Grow Old" by Pet Lions (2011)
"Winter In Chicago" by Flatfoot 56 (2012)

Punk Rock

Song: Preview: Notes:
"Alarm Clocks" by The Vindictives (2013) The game has the original, only the remaster is available on Spotify.
"Big Chomper, Big Chomper" by Dr. Manhattan (2008)
"Devil's Takin' Names" by The Lawrence Arms (2006)
"Help Is On The Way" by Rise Against (2011)
"The Invisible Man" by The Vindictives (1991)
"Ms. Crumby" by The Audition (2010)
"Never Again" by Danko Jones (2009)
"My Brain Hurts" by Screeching Weasel (1991)
"Private Eye" by Alkaline Trio (2001)
"Soldier's Requiem" by Naked Raygun (1988)
"Stolen From Some Great Writer" by Spitalfield (2003)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester (2009)
"Wake Up Sunshine" by Chicago (1988)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Funeral Singers" by Califone (2009)
"My My My" by Jamie Lono (2012)
"Simplify" by Henhouse Prowlers (2009)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Acrobot" by Gods Of Fashion (2014)
"Chasm" by Gost (2013)
"Cursed" by Gost (2013)
"Dark Steering" by Squarepusher (2012)
"Going Down High" by Madina Lake (2011)
"High Class Slim Came Floatin' In" by Tortoise (2009)
"Miami Showdown" by Digitalism (2011)
"Raydar" by Champion Tech (2014)
"Redline" by Lazerhawk (2010)
"Satellite" by EchoDroides (2014)
"Sparklers" by Gemini Club (2012)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Jesus Built My Hot Rod" by Ministry (1991)


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Conduction (Santiago & Bushido Remix)" by Johnny Fiasco (2009) Unlocked in The Defalt Condition
"Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)" by Daft Punk (2012)


  • The feature that automatically plays a song when Aiden enters a vehicle can be turned off in the "Audio and Language" section of the "Options" menu.
    • The ability to change the volume of songs and music is also included in this area of the settings.