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A Wildebeest with an exclusive paint job.

An off-road beast with a terrifying bark to match its bite.
―In-game description.

The Brubeck Mountain King is a special vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Mountain King is a unique version of the Wildebeest that spawns in a yellow/red paint scheme with DedSec logos on the sides and instead of a normal horn, it has a loud horn that resembles a dinosaur roar. Also, by using it, a screen-shake effect can be seen.


  • The Mountain King has good top speed and average acceleration and traction. Because of its SUV nature, the Mountain King has good durability.



  • The Mountain King is located on the right side of Lakeside Park, behind the L-shaped building that is close to an HQ. The vehicle is inside a fenced perimeter, so the player has to retrieve a forklift from nearby, placing it at the gate and climbing up to reach the car. To leave the fenced perimeter, there is a red hackable terminal that unlocks the gate switches.


  • The Mountain King is a direct reference to Jurassic Park, as the DedSec logos resembles those of the Jurassic Park's ones, uses similar colors (although the one in Jurassic Park is grey with red), and its special horn sounds similar to a dinosaur roar.
    • In addition, in the first movie, the Jeep Wrangler is used by the staff of the facility as their main vehicles, which is also one of the main inspirations for the Wildebeest.
    • The logo has on it what appears to be a panther, this may be a subtle nod to the (original) Black Panther Party which was formed in Oakland, California in the 1960s, where the Mountain King can be found.

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