There are 10 missions available in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood. The main story missions are unlocked as the story progresses. There are 3 missions in Act I, 4 missions in Act II and 3 missions in Act III.

Main missions

Act I

One year after the events of Watch Dogs, Aiden has gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney is in Chicago deleting every data related to him in a CTOS center, and redirect Blume's search for him in different locations around the United States. One day later, T-Bone is called by Tobias Frewer to rescue him from Fixers who are hunting him down. After rescuing Tobias, T-Bone and Tobias emerge on a quest to find out who ordered the hit on Tobias. T-Bone also encounters Sheila Billings for odd jobs, as he is in need of money and materials.

There are 3 missions in this act.

Act II

Still aiming to find the mastermind behind the attack on Tobias, T-Bone uses Tobias as bait in his crafting shop to eliminate Fixers. After hacking a fixer, and infiltrating a hideout, a search turned up to Alex Javorski, who reveals that the fixers are looking for T-Bone, and reveals a name, Jack Finely. After tailing Finely, a hack from a server reveals Defalt.

There are 4 missions in this act.

  • Bait - Eliminate the Fixers targeting Tobias, and track a GPS data from a fixer.
  • Illusions - Investigate a fixer hideout.
  • Bad Medicine - Reach a mansion in northern Chicago, make contact with Alex Javorski, and escape.
  • Connections - Tail Jack Finely, and hack the laptop to find out the mastermind.


Defalt is in the Umeni Building, and T-Bone makes contact with him. While inside, he sees a display of people being murdered; these are the eleven people that were killed in the Northeast Blackout of 2003, due to T-Bone's hacking actions, and includes Defalt's brother, much to T-Bone's anger, saying that it was unintentional. In retaliation, Defalt sends Fixers to kill T-Bone in the Silo. After killing all fixers, T-Bone and Tobias infiltrate a train yard in The Loop, to settle the score with Defalt.

There are 3 missions in this act.

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