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Miranda Comay is a character in Watch Dogs 2.


A longtime friend of Marcus's family, Miranda Comay is a city councilor who has been through the trenches. She’s even taken on the incredibly powerful New Dawn, a religious cult with seemingly endless resources and a willingness to publicly shame and slander its opponents. Miranda’s not afraid to butt heads with criminals, but she’s also experienced enough to see allies in Marcus and his group of misfit hackers. While New Dawn had disclosed her gender reassignment surgeries, she claims to not care and focuses on what's right.


Miranda can be seen wearing a formal dress with her cleavage exposed, her blue stone necklace showing. She has short black hair going down to her ears. She also has black leggings with short-heel high heels. She also wears a fine print of makeup.


  • Miranda Comay is a transgender woman.
  • The New Dawn cult released her surgery videos to the public in retaliation to her going against them.
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