Not to be confused with the Flatbed Truck.

The MatarHorn Trucks Middleweight DC is a vehicle featured in Watch Dogs 2.

Middleweight DC


The truck's design is nearly identical to that of the Flatbed Truck, only lacking the vehicle ramp behind the cab. It also features tinted headlights, unlike its Flatbed Truck counterpart. Although it resembles a semi cab, it is unable to pull trailers.


Like other Heavy Vehicles from MatarHorn Trucks, the Middleweight DC has an average top speed, and slow acceleration. The steering is very heavy, meaning it can't make quick maneuvers. Durability is considerably good, as it can handle a large number of accidents before being disabled or destroyed.



  • The windshield cannot be seen into from outside, even when shot through. This may be a glitch or development oversight.


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