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The Elek Motors Merengue is a vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The Merengue is depicted as a small one-seat car with an electric engine. The Merengue takes inspiration from various microcars in real-life, having the general profile of a Commuter Cars Tango or a Lumeneo SMERA, stylized shapes reminiscent of an IMA Colibri and similar headlights that resembles those of a Lumeneo Neoma.


Although the Merengue possess an average top speed, it has excellent acceleration thanks to its electric battery, allowing to reach higher speeds very quickly. Its handling appears to be very responsive, but tends to be sensitive at high speeds because of the narrow body and short wheelbase. Any single bump on the road would cause the vehicle to lose its control. Because of its size, it can squeeze through busy traffic and small alleyways easily.

As one can expect from a vehicle of this size, its disadvantages are its poor ramming power and resistance to collisions, as high-speed collisions would damage the car considerably. Its usage during higher heat levels should be avoided, as the police cars would likely push the car very easily and could be easily blocked and/or disabled.




  • "Merengue" is the Spanish form given to the Meringue, a type of dessert.
  • To get the "Miniroadtrip!" achievement/trophy, the player must drive the Merengue for 4 kilometers (2.5 miles), and then stop the car.


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