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Mary Kelley is a character and antagonist in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Mary Kelley was the leader of the criminal organization, Clan Kelley. She became the leader after her husband, Peter Kelley, was stabbed to death in prison. Clan Kelley engages in organ harvesting, human slavery, illegal drugs, and murders. The group is on the rise due to London being in turmoil and Albion's crackdown on violent crime eliminated their rivals.

The gang was being investigated by London Metropolitan Police Inspector Kaitlin Lau. Lau allied with DedSec to bring Mary to justice by exposing her involvement in slave trading, organ harvesting, and collaborating with Zero Day.


Mary's acts are exposed and her slaves begin to attack her and the Kelley forces in her home after they discover that their chip implants have been disabled. She kills several as they attempt to kill her. Lau and DedSec confront her and allow her to be killed by her former slaves upon realizing Mary will never see the inside of a jail cell and will continue to wreak havoc as the leader of Clan Kelley.


  • Kelley speaks with a deep Scottish accent, implying that she may be Scottish.
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