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Mary Kelley is one of the four secondary antagonists (alongside Nigel Cass, Richard Malik and Skye Larsen) of Watch Dogs: Legion. She is the main antagonist of the Kelley chapters.

Resistance Report

"Mary Kelley, daughter of Clan Kelley's legendary founder, Peter Kelley, has become the most powerful and feared crime boss in London since the days of the notorious Kray brothers. In many ways she has surpassed those predecessors. Under her brilliant leadership, the Kelley family firm has transformed almost overnight into a modernized cybercrime syndicate, operating at scale, with unmatched reach into sectors of the economy beyond the usual purview of organized crime."


Before Watch Dogs: Legion

Mary is the daughter of Peter Kelley, legendary East End crime boss, and she grew up steeped in the family business. Peter, bitterly disappointed that his wife never bore him a son, always tried to keep Mary on the outside due to her gender. When Mary turned eighteen, Peter suggested she "play her part in growing the firm" by marrying into another East End crime family, the Mohan Clan, She dutifully wed Patrick Mohan, an abusive drunk. Mohan ended up dead a few months later - many suspected Mary, but no one openly accused her. Still, before her man died, he left Mary pregnant with a son, Johnny.

The boy turned out rather dull and dim-witted, but his grandfather doted on him, grooming Johnny to take his place as head of Clan Kelley. Meanwhile, Peter put Mary in charge of the family's books due to her talent with numbers. As a result, she gained a deep understanding of the syndicate's financing and infrastructure.

When Peter was given a fifty-year prison sentence for drug trafficking, Mary seized the opportunity to take control of the organization. She swiftly modernized the business, bringing it into the digital age. Within a year, Clan Kelley established a commanding presence in the dark-web black markets, and Mary led aggressive moves to consolidate all East End criminal activity under the Kelley umbrella. After Brexit's turmoil tanked the pound and drove most citizens to cryptocurrencies for greater security, Mary engineered ingenious ways to lure those funds into dark-web transactions.

Events of Watch Dogs: Legion

Clan Kelley was in the midst of being investigated by London Metropolitan Police Inspector Kaitlin Lau. Lau allied with DedSec to bring Mary to justice by exposing her involvement in slave trading, organ harvesting, and collaborating with Zero Day. Mary's acts are exposed and her slaves begin to attack her and the Kelley forces in her home after they discover that their chip implants have been disabled. She kills several as they attempt to kill her. Lau and DedSec confront her and allow her to be killed by her former slaves upon realizing Mary will never see the inside of a jail cell and will continue to wreak havoc as the leader of Clan Kelley.


According to Kaitlin Lau's case files, Mary thinks she is untouchable and will never react to interrogation. Also, according to Kaitlin Lau, Mary is very good at messing with the mind of her victims. She is also an ice cold killer, torturer and organ/slave seller, with no remorse for her actions.


Mary Kelley can exude genuine Irish warmth, and her motherly manner can be disarming. She notices everything - that you shaved or got a new tie, what your favorite footballer or soda is, and if you have a cocaine problem or a thing for redheads. No detail escapes her gaze. Those details come in handy when she wants something from you. Also: Mary's not afraid to get her hands wet. Her nickname - Bloody Mary - comes from her penchant for dispatching enemies at close quarters with a knife, an activity she is known to relish.


Mary always does what she believes is best for the firm, even if it means pain for those in her immediate circle, including family. Thus, despite her people skills, she can overlook the obvious human element in certain situations, especially if it's one she wasn't expecting. Foes who know this can capitalize. She rules through fear, and thus few in Clan Kelley's rank and file feel a genuine sense of loyalty to her. Mary is particularly despised by her army of indentured servants, most of whom she treats with contempt and cruelty.


Mary Kelley is a control freak - certainly understandable, given her life. Her rough, brutish upbringing has expunged most basic human fears from her outlook. She isn't afraid of violence, hate, betrayal, or isolation. But she gets rattled when she feels herself losing her grip - such as when something happens that she didn't plan or can't directly control.