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Mary Catskill screenshot

Mary during Power to the Sheeple

Mary Catskill is the CEO of Invite Corporation in Watch Dogs 2.


Mary is an ally of Blume CTO Dušan Nemec, who advised him (to no avail) to neutralize the threat of DedSec early on instead of letting them grow in order to scare other companies into allying with Blume. She physically appears in Power to the Sheeple, where she and Dušan personally coerce Congressman Mark Thruss into doing their bidding. In the game's final mission, Motherload, it's revealed that Catskill began dating Dušan's personal assistant Andrew Novak, so that he would pass her proprietary information about Blume behind Dušan's back. She initially offered him an executive position at !nvite, but betrays him during the mission.


Mary appears to be in her early mid-40s, and has straight blonde hair at medium length. She wears a blue turtleneck sweater, a large gold necklace, grey slacks and blue high heels.


Mary is very power-hungry, elitist and conceited, perhaps even more so than Dušan Nemec. These traits are especially evident when she seems to take joy in threatening Mark Thruss and blackmailing Andrew Novak. She's also not a particularly loyal individual: she mildly betrays Nemec by bribing Andrew into selling her corporate secrets, but betrays Novak in turn by refusing to grant him the position in her company she'd promised.


  • According to the DJ on the in-game radio station Bay City Pop, Catskill recently purchased a 7,000 square foot home for $10 million.