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Mark Thruss is a minor antagonist in Watch Dogs 2.


Mark Thruss is a wealthy businessman and United States Congressman. He planned to use CTOS to rig the election in his favor, with help from Dušan Nemec and Mary Catskill. In Power to the Sheeple, Nemec and Catskill use compromising photos of Thruss to blackmail him - Catskill suggests that they reveal a sex scandal and/or drug abuse, and Nemec taunts Thruss by saying "You just keep your mouth shut. Unlike you in those photos". Marcus Holloway and DedSec manage to download evidence of the vote rigging scheme just before Thruss's staff deleted it, and publicly expose him before the delayed election day.


Thruss can be seen wearing a suit with a brown jacket and red tie with spots, as well as khaki pants and dress shoes. He also has a thumbs up pin on the right corner of his suit, most likely his campaign logo. He is a rather large man with very little hair.


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Cultural references

Thruss is presumed to based on Donald Trump, and multiple signs point to this. Thruss's slogan is "Let's make the Bay Area stronger!" similar to Trump's campaign slogan of "Make America great again!". They also have similar beliefs, viewpoints, and behaviors. However, Thruss targeted voters to sway him to win, unlike Trump. As well, Thruss deleting sensitive information that could endanger his reputation and prospects is more similar to Hillary Clinton's actions, rather than Trump's.


  • In the mission Power to the Sheeple, Wrench refers to him as "dipshit".
  • He owns a Fiammetta sports car, with decals promoting his campaign, and a custom license plate that reads "THRUSS".