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Marin County (known in-game as Marin or The Marin) is a county in the San Francisco Bay Area, north of San Francisco and northwest of Oakland. It appears in Watch Dogs 2.


Marin is the smallest of the four areas in Watch Dogs 2. (San Francisco, Oakland, Silicon Valley and Marin), located on a Peninsula, both in game and in real life. A prominent residential area of Marin county is Sausalito, which is also the smallest municipality in the game, slightly smaller than Pawnee in the first game. It also has a lot of forest area, and quite a few dirt roads in the north and west, with one connecting to the Point Bonita lighthouse. Marin also has a Yacht club called the Legacy Bay Yacht Club, which is the only place in the game where the player can buy Sailboats or maritime clothing from the nearby kiosk.


In-game, only the southern portion of the real Marin county is depicted. The main road traverses from the first intersection after passing though the tunnels near the Golden Gate, then alongside the coastline and connect to the San Refal Bridge on the highway, leading to the tri-point which in-turn leads to the Bay Bridge.


ScoutX Locations

  • Battery Spencer - Kirby Cove
  • Golden Gate Bridge - Kirby Cove
  • Point Bonita Lighthouse
  • Rock Piling Artist - Sausalito
  • Tree houses - Sausalito



  • This location is based off the real life Marin County.
  • Marin's name is consistently mispronounced. Characters in the game say "Mare-in", when the correct pronunciation is "Muh-RIN".