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Mad Mile on a rainy day.

Mad Mile is a district in Watch Dogs' rendition of Chicago and one of the two downtown districts in the game. Its neighbor is The Loop.


The district is a relatively affluent inner-city region, immediately north of The Loop. It is separated from The Loop by the famous Chicago River and the draw bridges that connect it.

The area is characterized by modern architecture and structures, expensive cars, high-end weapons stores and high-class hotels. While the Mad Mile is not a residential area, it is definitely an affluent one, with historic buildings and countless upper-class shops.

This is the wealthiest and most modern district of the city. Dermot Quinn's hotel, the Merlaut, can be found east of the district. The L-Train system runs through Mad Mile, arriving from The Loop, doing a small 'loop' inside the district then going back to The Loop. It can be noticed that Mad Mile train stations are the most modern featured in-game.


The name "Mad Mile" is a parody of "Mag Mile", a nickname for the Magnificent Mile, a well-known section of Michigan Avenue in real-life Chicago. However, the neighborhood itself is based on the Near North Side district of the real life Chicago.

ctOS control center

The local ctOS control center is located in eastern Mad Mile, just south to the Merlaut Hotel. Aiden will have to hack it to track Nicholas Crispin down during the course of the storyline.

ctOS Towers

  • River East Tower
  • Gold Coast Tower
  • Franklin Tower

City Hotspots

There are a total of 23 City Hotspots located in Mad Mile.

Hotspot Name Location
Triomphe Tower Mad Mile
Crowley Building Mad Mile
The Sands Mad Mile
Chicago World News Tower Mad Mile
WKZ-TV Tower Mad Mile
2nd Regiment Armory Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Brown Crime Scene Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Ross Crime Scene Mad Mile
Lipstick Killer - Degnan Crime Scene Mad Mile
Navy Pier Building Mad Mile
Sheridan Wave Club Mad Mile
Home of Samuel "Nails" Morton Mad Mile
O'Banion's Flower Shop Mad Mile
Water Tower Mad Mile
Saga Theater Mad Mile
John Hancock Center Mad Mile
Commonwealth Hotel Mad Mile
Birthplace of the Chicago South Club Mad Mile
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Mad Mile
St. Valentine's Day Massacre Lookout Mad Mile
Hanson Park Mad Mile
The Sausage Vat Murder Mad Mile
Seaside Restaurant Mad Mile

Cash Runs

There are a total of 10 Cash Runs located in Mad Mile.

Name Gold Timing Silver Timing Bronze Timing Location
Ascent of Fear 0:45:00 0:56:00 1:08:00
Social Climber 1:05:00 1:21:00 1:38:00
Urban Jungle 1:36:00 2:00:00 2:24:00
Above Your Station 1:35:00 1:59:00 2:23:00
Under Construction 1:15:00 1:34:00 1:53:00
Taking the High Road 1:24:00 1:45:00 2:06:00
Riverside Rush 1:25:00 1:46:00 2:08:00
Glass Ceilings 1:25:00 1:46:00 2:08:00
Catchem Mall 1:15:00 1:34:00 1:53:00
Walk in the Park 1:03:00 1:19:00 1:35:00