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A specialized vehicle designed to withstand both bullets and improvised explosive devices. 
―In-game description.

The MatarHorn Trucks MRAP is an armored vehicle in Watch Dogs 2.


The MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle) is an armored car taking design influence from the Lenco BearCat and the Terradyne Gurkha The overall design, side doors, windows and rear end could have been derived from the G4 variation of the BearCat, with the front end and headlights of the G2 variation. The MRAP resembles a larger Wildebeest.

The front end is largely dominated by the front bumper, front defense, LED emergency lights and grilled headlights, followed by a flat and vented hood, along with small vents on the front fenders of the vehicle. The sides of the truck sports large stepsides, several handlebars and circular cases, a feature seen on real-life armored trucks for carrying multiple SWAT personnel. The windshield and front door windows are of a normal look, while the rear door, rear compartment and rear end door windows are tinted. The roof is equipped with a LED lightbar, halogen lamps and an unusable circular roof hatch. The rear end is equipped with the same features as in the sides, rear light units in the upper and lower side and two LED lights above the rear doors.


The performance of the MRAP is as expected from an armored vehicle, having an average top speed and acceptable low-geared acceleration. Just like the Convoy, the vehicle has a short wheelbase, the handling is responsive which helps make tight turns easier than the other large vehicles. Also like the Convoy, the player can charge at enemies, but the player must acquire Engine Override in order to do so. The MRAP features and shares the distinctive high-revving engine noise just like the Cube Truck.

Its main feature, the armor plating, gives the player an advantage over some enemies by protecting the player from bullet damage. The vehicle's engine is also heavily protected thanks to the thick hood and the front bullbar, which also allows the vehicle to plough through obstacles and ram other vehicles off the road with ease. The player is still susceptible to damage from bullets fired through the vehicle's windows and through the doors if they should off. The vehicle features a twin-cam turbocharged inline-6 diesel engine and able to drive off-road.

The vehicle is fairly ineffective when faced with combat from other players. The MRAP's armor is basically a high health capacity rather than a special hitbox, so sustained fire from any weapon on any part of the the vehicle can destroy it with ease. It takes two of the Remote Explosive gadgets to destroy an MRAP, and a YourBoySerge rifle can destroy the vehicle in one shot if Marksmanship Skills have been researched. This, in addition to its low top speed render it useless for most combat-oriented tasks.

Notable Owners





  • Seen parked in police stations in Stanford University.
  • Will appear at Heat Level 4 and 5. Will carry two Elites at 4 dots, and one Enforcer and one Elite at five. Can also carry police K-9s, and sometimes it will carry 4 Elites at Heat Level 4 and 1 Enforcer and 3 Elites at Heat Level 5. The Enforcer is always the driver during Heat Level 5.
  • Available in the Auto Elite car dealership, for $180,000.
  • Will spawn in the side mission Bad Publicity. Depending of the outcome, the target will be suddenly surrounded by SWAT members. Once the player leaves the privacy invasion, there will be three Cruisers and two MRAPs ouside the target's house.
  • A white MRAP is sometimes seen on Yerba Buena Island, north of the suspension bridge span of Bay Bridge, in a restricted area. Stealing this can sometimes result in Umeni-Zulu pursuing the player.


  • "MRAP" is the abbreviation of Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected, a United States military term for light tactical vehicles that are designed specifically to withstand Improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and ambushes. They either have 4 (like the image variant) or 6 wheels, depending on the model.
  • This is the second armored vehicle in the series after the Convoy.
  • Most MRAPs in real life have onboard weapons, but the ingame variant does not.
  • The Police MRAP is often colloquially called a "SWAT Truck" and in-game a "Patrol Van".


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