Slot Sidearm
Weapon Type Semi-Auto Revolver
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage High
Fire Rate Medium
Range Medium
Stability High
Reload Speed Fast
Ammo Capacity 6|360
Price $15,000 (Gun stores)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The M8-M is an Italian revolver. It has an innovative design and devastating power. This was made with skilled marksmen in mind.
―In-game Description

The M8-M is a semi-automatic revolver that appears in Watch Dogs.


It is one of the three 5-star rated handguns in the game. The in-game description labels the revolver as having both high power, and accuracy; built with a capable shooter in mind. The weapon is based on the Mateba Autorevolver, an Italian-made handgun which is one of the few semi-automatic revolvers ever made, available chambered for .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or .454 Casull cartridges.


  • M8-M (Standard)
  • Chrome (3-round burst)
  • Auto-6 (Upgraded 3-round burst)


The M8-M is a very good pistol, as it is accurate, effective over long ranges, and has a high stopping power. It might not be the best gun for the precision shooter, ironically, as some consider it to be a better gun for someone whose aiming skills are low. The low ammo capacity and high recoil may count against it, and while it has great damage that might not be important for someone who has honed their aiming skill.



  • It is one of twelve 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.
  • The M8-M/Mateba also appears as the primary weapon of Togusa in the cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell. Given the themes such as cybercrime and hacking found in both Ghost in the Shell and Watch Dogs, this reference may be intentional.
    • Because of this, it is entirely possible that this gun was meant to be included with the Cyberpunk outfit instead of the Auto-6, as one promotional image clearly shows Aiden wielding a dark gray gun (that very much looks like this one) instead of the red Auto-6.


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