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If the EPC is a typical example of how humans treat each other, I'd say a benevolent AI overlord is a step up, wouldn't you? 

Lost in the Process is the fifth story mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the first mission in the Kelley Chapter "Body Snatchers".


As part of DedSec's investigation into Mary Kelley, as well as to find kidnapped operative Ángel López, the player goes to the European Processing Centre to learn more. The European Processing Centre, commonly abbreviated as the EPC, is the indefinite holding centre for people that Albion had arrested off the street and labelled as things such as "illegal immigrant".

When the player meets their Albion contact, the contact tells the player that they have noticed that people have begun to disappear. Despite records saying that such disappearances were people simply being processed, the contact is sure that no one ever properly leaves the centre, and places suspicions on Clan Kelley, which have been appearing commonly in the area. The player then goes to infiltrate Albion's office in the centre and hack the EPC's database.

Upon hacking the EPC's database, Bagley informs the player that Ángel's file had been deleted, along with hundreds of others, in great detail and thoroughness. Bagley then shows the player an audio log called "exit interview" on Ángel's file. In the recording, it is revealed that the EPC officials knew that Ángel was a part of DedSec, and was interrogating him for information. With Ángel's refusal to expose DedSec, the EPC official on the recording decides to dispose of Ángel through Clan Kelley. To find where Ángel went, the player hacks the nearby CTOS hub.

Acquiring camera footage from the hub, the player goes to the EPC's clinic to form an AR Reconstruction. In the AR Reconstruction, Ángel can be seen sitting on a chair while something is implanted onto the back of his upper neck. Moments after the implanting, Ángel gets up from his seat and throws the other person on the ground. After analysing the person that was hit, Bagley confirms that Inspector Kaitlin Lau's suspicions were right the whole time - Clan Kelley and Albion are working together. Upon further investigating into the AR Reconstruction, it could be inferred that microchips were implanted into Ángel. Bagley tells the player that the microchips were specifically designed to deliver a dose of an unknown compound into the victim.

In the continuing search for Ángel, the AR Reconstruction continues. As the player follows the AR Reconstruction around the EPC, Ángel is seen collapsing to the ground after his pursuers trigger the microchip implanted in him. Following this, the pursuers bring Ángel into a van to send him off to the nearby Southwark Incinerator. To continue the search for Ángel, the player heads for Southwark Incinerator, where the mission "Clan Kelley's New Export" begins.


  • Meet the Contact at the EPC
  • Access the EPC Database
  • Download the Clinic's AR Data
  • Investigate the AR Footage

Data Drive

An audio file can be unlocked during this mission.

EPC Exit Interview

File #547BB4
Applicant's Name: Ángel López
Subject: Audio Recording - Exit Interview
Status: Processed

A recording of Ángel López's European Processing Centre exit interview. He's sent for a second medical examination under suspicion of drug use, except DedSec knows he doesn't use drugs.

Audio.png Name: EPC Exit Interview
Author: EPC Official

EPC Official:
You know what we do with terrorists, Lopez?...Ah, ah! Don't go pissing me off by denying anything. We know you're with DedSec. Think you were picked up on some random sweep? Not a fucking chance. Nothing to say?...Hmph. Well this is not gonna go well for you then, because I want information. The rest of your cell, where are they? I want names. Places. Everything you've got.

Ángel López:
You think I'm daft? I spill everything I know and what? You'll let me go? I'm not talking. I know how this ends.

EPC Official:
Oh, I don't think you do...I'm going to throw you to the wolves. The Kelleys have an interesting way of disposing with problems.

Ángel López:
You think I'm scared of some fucking thugs? Of winding up floating in the Thames? Fuck you.

EPC Official:
You're too pretty for that, mate. (laughs) First they'll peddle you. For dosh, right? Then when you're used up, they're going to chop you up and send the pieces to the four corners.

Ángel López:
I can take whatever you've got.

EPC Official:
I almost feel sorry for you. Get him to the bloody clinic, then.



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