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This page may include spoilers about the Watch Dogs: Legion plot that you may not have discovered yet. Read at your own risk.

London's Protectors is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the final mission in the second Albion chapter, "True Colours", and it features the first in-game boss fight.


DedSec previously unmasked Nigel Cass and his role in the London bombings, but despite his public discrediting, he is not willing to step down and has sealed himself in an underground bunker beneath the Tower of London. DedSec decides to take him out of the picture for good. When they arrive at the Tower of London, they find it surrounded by Albion mercenaries and Cass’s voice can be heard over loudspeakers telling the guards to be on the lookout for any potential threat. After hacking the security grid, the DedSec operative gains access to the lift down to Nigel’s hiding place. The operative enters the lift, ready to put an end to DedSec’s fight against Albion.

After reaching the bunker, Nigel Cass is seen hiding in a giant turret on a spinning base hanging from the ceiling, equipped with machine guns, missiles, and gas grenades. He fires at the operative and sends in reinforcements, but the operative’s bullets are useless against his armour. To be able to damage Nigel’s prototype, they must complete a network bypass to increase the voltage and overload it, exposing its weak points. Shooting these will damage the prototype but will close up after a few seconds, and the process must be repeated until all its health has been depleted. After being dealt enough damage to destroy the prototype, Cass emerges with heavy armour, ready to take on the operative, but Cass is defeated, and as he is dying, he issues a stark warning to DedSec: their faith in people will be their downfall, and that people will soon turn against them. Shortly after, Cass lays down on the ground, dead.


  • Confront Nigel Cass
  • Hack Security Grid to Unlock Lift
  • Access Nigel's Bunker
  • Destroy Nigel's Prototype
  • Defeat Nigel Cass



  • When the player fights Cass, meleeing him will do no damage.
  • It is impossible to die in the fight, even with permadeath enabled. Instead, the fight restarts.


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