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London in Legion 3.png
Country United Kingdom
Number of boroughs 8
Appears in Watch Dogs: Legion
Not to be confused with the City of London, a borough in London.

London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom, and the main setting for Watch Dogs: Legion. During the events of Legion, the city has been overtaken by an authoritarian regime and has been dwarfed in chaos.


In the near future, London has been overtaken by organized crime, while an authoritarian police regime named Albion deports people from their homes, and punishes those who stand up for their freedoms.[1]


An early map for London in watch Dogs: Legion was revealed in June 2019. The current map used is different. London consists of eight boroughs in total.


The Camden borough is located in the northwestern part of London.

City of Westminster

The City of Westminster borough is located in the western part of London. The Safehouse of DedSec is located in this borough.

Islington & Hackney

The Islington & Hackney borough is located in the northern part of London.

City of London

The City of London borough is located in the central part of London.

Tower Hamlets

The Tower Hamlets borough is located in the eastern part of London.


The Southwark borough is located in the southeastern part of London.


The Lambeth borough is located in the southern part of London.

Nine Elms

The Nine Elms borough is located in the southwestern part of London.

Law Enforcement

Before Albion received a mandate on London, the Metropolitan Police Service was the primary law enforcement in London. However, following the London bombings as seen in Operation Westminster, Albion took over the MET Police Service. Most MET Police stations are now run by Albion.

Albion makes a prominent appearance in London, with several Albion employees and banners distributed throughout the city, and plenty of Albion cars patrolling around London. Furthermore, there are several Albion checkpoints in every borough.


In London, there are plenty of taxis, buses and trains. Taxis are now automated, and can be accessed from the street at any time. Buses on the other hand, usually have a driver and only appear to be servicing a single service - Service 42, which goes to the city's center.

One of the quickest mode of transport is the London Underground. They are spread out throughout London, and can be fast-travelled to. However, there is no physical appearance of the trains itself, nor the station platforms.


Like Chicago and San Francisco, there are plenty of activities to do in London. Such activities include Darts and Parcel Fox Deliveries. Doing so will reward ETO, the current currency in London.


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