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The Global Motors Leviathan is a speedboat in Watch Dogs 2.


The Leviathan is a large speedboat with a long and narrow hull, with room enough for four occupants. The Leviathan comes with a primary color for the hull and stripes of a secondary color on the sides and in the upper side, located in the middle of the bow section and on the sides of the stern section. Sometimes, it will also spawn with a single-tone color.

The Leviathan is the second speedboat featured in the Watch Dogs series, along with the Muhlenberg 45. However, the Leviathan is much sportier than the aforementioned boat.


The Leviathan is easily the fastest boat in the game, even faster than the Muhlenberg 45. Its twin inboard engines provides a good engine output, resulting in good acceleration. Its size often means it needs wide turnings, but its handling is still decent, allowing for quick getaways and naval chases. Its resistance is also decent, capable of taking a few head-on collisions before setting aflame.


  • Seen navigating through the city's waterways.
  • Found at Alcatraz Island in a garage, under the large Bratva-held territory.


  • The boat's name comes from the mythological creature of the same name, the Leviathan. As a general word, it is used to describe anything extremely large.
    • The Leviathan, however, is a bit smaller than the Sailboat, but makes up for its powerful engines and speed.


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