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Considered a national park within the Marin headlands, this scenic area is a favorite for tourists and campers. It sits just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.
―In-game description.

Kirby Cove is a world location in Watch Dogs 2.


Kirby Cove is on the northwest of the map in Marin. It is to the right of Point Bonita Lighthouse and below Vista Point.


Kirby Cove is predominantly a camping ground and hilly area on the north-west section of the map, it has a large trees and dirt tracks covering the area. There is an old WWII Bunker to the south of the area.


  • 1 Motorcross Race.
  • 1 Drone Race.


  • 2 Research Points.
  • 2 Money Bag.
  • 2 ScoutX locations.
  • 1 Unique vehicle; Ice Cube. Can be found at the top of the camping grounds.
  • 1 Key Data; Steady Hands research. Located on the south part of the area, in the WWII Bunker.