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#Justice4Claire is a mission in Watch Dogs: Legion. It is the fourth mission in the second Albion chapter, "True Colours".


Previously, DedSec decided that Nigel Cass needs to be removed from power, but not by force: by exposing his misdeeds to the public. To do this, DedSec needs to gather as much evidence together as they can.


DedSec organises a team briefing at the Safehouse, where they watch a news broadcast showing Nigel Cass talk about the destruction of the THEMIS drone by DedSec, and that members of the public should treat operatives as terrorists. They then discuss what they need to do to take Cass down: evidence to ruin his image in the public eye. Bagley then brings up Claire Waters, a journalist and podcaster who teased a new episode of her radio show, where she planned to speak to someone at Albion close to Cass and has information that will expose him. However, the show never aired, and Waters soon went missing. Bagley states that Claire usually broadcasts her shows from Freight One, so that’s where they will investigate first. Hamish says that she has been on Cass’s case for a long time, and what she has will probably be enough to remove him from power.

Freight 1

At Freight 1 in Tower Hamlets, the operative discovers the deceased body of Claire Waters, with her blood splattered around the room. Now more frustrated than before, the operative finds clues around her recording studio, including a Clan Kelley ‘K’ sprayed on the wall, Claire’s tablet, and muddy footprints. After an analysis of the footprints, Bagley concludes that they were most likely made by Albion guards. On her tablet, Bagley finds the unaired recording of Claire speaking to the Albion whistle-blower, who goes by the name ‘Hugh’. However, before he can reveal more information, they are interrupted by a raid by Albion, where they kill Hugh and Claire and attempt to leave evidence to frame Clan Kelley for their murders. One of them also says to take Hugh’s body and Claire’s equipment to ‘Carousel’, which they figure out to be Carousel Plaza, one of Albion’s headquarters.

Carousel Plaza

At Carousel Plaza in the City of London borough, the DedSec operative accesses Claire’s recording equipment, and they must survive until all the data has been downloaded and deleted. The operative then arrives at an Albion console where they view the collected data. An audio file plays showing Nigel Cass talking to the leader of Zero Day, where they discuss Zero Day planting bombs for Cass, and he will give them access to FILAMENT in return.

After leaving Carousel Plaza, Hamish informs the operative about a plan he has come up with to get the information out to the public, and he tells them to meet him at Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Circus

Whilst waiting for him at Piccadilly, the large screens nearby are hacked by Hamish and play audio of Cass planning the bombings with Zero Day. Hamish then also exposes Project THEMIS and its unethical life score system. He also later tells the operative that he has sent the footage to every news outlet, enough evidence to end his reign of terror in London.


  • Attend the Team Briefing
  • Locate the Recording Studio at Freight 1
  • Find Clues to Claire’s Murder
  • Search for the Recording Equipment
  • Access the Recording Equipment
  • Watch evidence on Albion Console
  • Escape the Area
  • Reach Piccadilly Circus and Watch for Hamish's Surprise

Data Drive

Claire Waters Interview

An audio recording of a phone interview between Claire Water and an Albion whistleblower; the last one for both of them. It clearly implicates Albion in their deaths.

Audio.png Name: Claire Waters Interview
Author: Claire Waters

Claire Waters:
Okay. You've agreed to speak on the record. You are an intelligence technician at Albion, and work closely with Nigel Cass, correct, Mr. -?

Albion Source:
Just Hugh... I can't believe I'm doing this. If they were to find out...

Claire Waters:
I know. Only have to step outside to see how Albion treats people. What do you have for us?

Albion Source:
Proof that-... Proof that Nigel Cass was complicit in the bombings.

Claire Waters:
What?! But that's-... Here! Transfer it to this secure storage drive. How solid is this information?

Albion Source:
It's a recording of him talking to some-

Loud crash of breaking wood and glass as someone busts down the door.

Albion Lieutenant:
Albion security! Drop your weapons!

Claire Waters:
We have no weapons! You can't do this!

Claire is interrupted by a LOUD hail of gunfire.

Albion Lieutenant:
Gather all her equipment and get it to the Carousel. You, tag that wall, then get rid of his body. She can stay here. (laughing cruelly) Gang vengeance is a horrible crime, ain't it?



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