Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 6
Unlocked by completing The Wards CTOS Center
Unlocks Grandma's Bulldog
Just so you know, you're off my GRID and in the dark.
―Clara in the beginning of the mission

Jury-Rigged is the 20th storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 6th mission of Act II.

Mission plot

After hacking the local ctOS center, Aiden ventures into the Black Viceroys compound of Rossi-Fremont and shuts down three repurposed security terminals in order to unlock the door to the ctOS tower. The plaza is guarded by several members of the Viceroys, and the player has full freedom to take a stealth approach or cause a gangland massacre. Aiden also discovers the Viceroys had rerouted all of the ctOS activity in the area, something made all the more suspicious by Blume's lack of action in repairing the damage.

Aiden also concludes that Chicago was drastically underestimating the Viceroys as a simple street gang. In reality they were intelligent and organized (the charade unbeknownst to Aiden being intentional). After hacking the ctOS tower in the Viceroys compound, Aiden then leaves the district and calls Clara to inform her that he is going back. On his way to the Bunker, Aiden receives a call from Tobias who informs him of a arms trade being orchestrated by the police.

Mission objectives

  • Disable all three security terminals.
  • The gate is open, unlock the ctOS Tower.
  • Leave the area.

Video Walkthrough


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