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Joshua Kramer
Joshua Kramer-Profiler App
Joshua, during the "Exposed Trailer"
Status Determinant
Residence Chicago
Affiliation(s) Chicago South Club
Profession Auctioneer
Spouse(s) Jen Kramer
Appears in Watch Dogs
First appeared A Risky Bid
Last appeared Human Traffic

Joshua Kramer is a character in Watch Dogs.


Kramer is a 38-year-old man with receding brown hair, a goatee, and glasses. In his first appearance at the auction and in the Exposed trailer, he wears a light beige trench coat with a white undershirt and black pants.


Kramer appears to be cautious. After the auction, he can be found at Brandon Docks on the phone with another man. During the conversation, Kramer repeatedly promises that the two of them can't be connected to the auction and are safe. During the auction he texts his wife that he's stuck at work, indicating that he is not remorseful in lying to her.

Events of Watch Dogs

Kramer appears at Lucky Quinn's human trafficking auction where he stands alone texting his wife that he's "stuck at work". He manages to evade capture at the hands of the Chicago PD while the auction is raided, and he later appears at the Brandon Docks. There, he is seen on the phone with an unknown man, discussing a prostitute that the two bought who died. From this, Aiden finds out where Kramer's briefcase listing the identities of the auctioneers is, finds it, and reveals Kramer as one of the auctioneers. After hacking his phone, the player can choose to kill him or spare him.


He is married to Jen Kramer

Mission Appearances


  • Joshua has access to an underground human trafficking ring.