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Johnny 5, Where R U?
Johhny 5 Where R U
Driver SF Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Unlocks N/A
Followers Gained 6600-11000
Money Gained $2880-$9600
Difficulty Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded

Johnny 5, Where R U? is a Driver SF mission in Watch Dogs 2.


Pick up the programmer in San Mateo, and drive him quickly (using boost, but without erratic and dangerous driving) to the nearest location where the wayward robot might be, in Palo Alto. Drive slowly around the circled area on your minimap.

The robot isn’t there. Continue to the second location (the vicinity of Stanford University), and repeat the slow search until you’re instructed to reach the shopping area south of Nudle. That’s where he is! Just stop at the objective and complete the mission.


  1. Residential Street, San Mateo, Silicon Valley.
  2. Palo Alto, Silicon Valley.
  3. Vicinity of Stanford University, Silicon Valley.
  4. Shopping area, south of Nudle campus, Silicon Valley.


  • Pick up the client.

Starting Conditions

Condition Requirement
Complete Mission None
Night or Day None

Possible Rating Drop

Condition Rating Loss?
Civilians Killed Yes
Vehicle Collisions Yes
Chases Started Yes
Minimum Safe Speed Below 10 km/h; Yes
Maximum Safe Speed No
Vehicle Flipped Yes
Vehicle Airborne No