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Elite mercenary known as "The Leopard" 
―In-game menu

Joeri Martens is a DLC character added to Watch Dogs: Legion at launch. He is the one of the first playable operatives available to purchase either separately or as part of the Urban Jungle Pack.


Joeri Martens is the elite mercenary known as "The Leopard". After spending 24 months in hostile territory and making the international most wanted list, Martens sought out DedSec for more challenging contracts.


  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: Veteran
  • Salary: £275,000


  • Total time in hostile territory: 24 mos.
  • Keeps public tally of defeated Albion Guards.
  • On an international most wanted list.
  • Minimal social media presence.
  • Climbed Everest.


  • AK47: Full-Auto Rifle - A full-auto rifle with high damage and high recoil.
    AK47 Icon.png
  • APGL: Grenade Launcher - A short-range grenade launcher that fires frag grenades.
    APGL Icon.png
  • Combat Roll: Evasive Dodge - Perform a combat roll by double-tapping A/X/Spacebar. Auto-reloads weapon.
    CombatRoll Icon.png



  • Recruiting The Leopard makes him available in all your save files, including Online.
    • Additionally, gain his unique clothing items and mask for use on any of your operatives.