Very popular App! Interrupting phone calls is just the start. Guaranteed to scramble any cop scans too. Yes, very popular indeed.
―In-game description.

Jam Communications[1] (more well known as Jam Coms) are a type of digital crafted item in Watch Dogs.


The tool takes advantage of electromagnetic radiation systems that are controlled by the CTOS (microwaves for cell/ mobile phones and radio for others). As with other digital tools, the item requires a code to be stolen in order for the tool to be crafted.[2]

In order to craft Jam Coms, Aiden needs one System Key and one Electronic Part. Like other tools, it can be crafted at any time in the field.

Jam Coms can also be bought from Tobias's shop.


Jamcomms hud

Jam Coms in use.

The tool is primarily available for the player to kill all communications signals for a particular radius. Usage of the tool affects cell/mobile phone signal and police tracking.

Jam Coms can be used to prevent a police pursuit in two ways. First, by preventing a civilian from calling the police. Secondly, by pausing a police scan. It can also prevent enemies from calling for reinforcements.

Jamcomms inventory

Jam Coms is also useful in certain online multiplayer matches such as when a player is being hacked by another player in Online Hacking. The tool can be used to pause the process of installing the backdoor, giving the victim extra time to profile the hacker. Jam Coms can be used during Mobile Challenges to disrupt the Companion App user from arming hacks and dropping in police cars.


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