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Jack London Square is a popular tourist destination, as well as providing entertainment and food for the locals. It's named after author Jack London and houses stores, hotels, and the relocated cabin Jack London once lived.
―In-game description

Jack London Square is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Jack London Square is located in southern Oakland. It is west of Elmhurst and south of Blume Arena.


Jack London Square is a large recreational area in the Bay Area of Oakland. There is a large parking lot and many benches and recreational items. Docks containing boats line the park's waterfront. In the center of the Square lies multiple palm trees and a circular piece of art with many shops around it, including an RV serving coffee. From then on, the park has a walkway in each direction, filled with emporiums such as clothing stores, restaurants and bars. The west side also showcases an art piece, a metal fish, along with a stunning view of the Bay Area and San Francisco. The Square has four restricted areas guarded by Umeni officers. Jack London Square is extremely busy during the daytime and mild during the night.


  • 1 Bar.
  • 1 Restaurant.
  • 1 Stache and Vine.
  • 1 Pawn Shop.


  • 1 Clothing item.
  • 1 Money Bag.
  • 1 ScoutX location.
  • 1 Key Data; System Crash upgrade, found in a restricted area by Jack London Square.