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Whatever you decide, she can't stop you, I can't stop you. The choice is yours. 
Skye Larsen

Into the Void is the eleventh story mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the fourth and final mission in the 404 Chapter "Family Business".


After learning of Skye Larsen's location through her now laid-to-rest mother, the player infiltrates the Blume Complex and hacks the Blume Server located there. The player then enters an elevator in an adjacent building in the complex to reach the Quantum Lab.

In the Quantum Lab, the player discovers that Skye herself has been uploading her own neural map to the cloud. Nowt pushes for the player to stop her upload, so as to prevent Skye from reaching total immortality and completing Daybreak. After disabling both hemispheres of her brain, the player is ambushed by security guards. The player then manages to take out the security guards.

After handling the guards, the player makes their way to confront Skye in her chamber. On the way, Skye appears in holographic form, trying to convince the player to stop what they are doing. After reaching the final chamber, Nowt and Skye can be seen, in video feed and holographic forms respectively, arguing. Ultimately, the player is then posed with the decision to either completely kill Skye by shutting down her upload or saving her by reactivating her upload.

Regardless of whatever option the player chose, Nowt will either react positively if the player kills Skye, or negatively if the player saves Skye. The player then escapes Blume Complex, and Nowt contacts the player. Depending on the player's actions, both will either converse positively or negatively. If the player chose to save Skye, Nowt becomes upset. However, she later calls back afterwards to apologize. Furthermore, Nowt agrees to let DedSec access the 404 hubs and contracts.

Later on, a news broadcast is played, depending on the player's actions. If Skye is killed, it is revealed that in respect of Skye's death, Broca Tech shuts down the neural mapping AI as well as Daybreak. If Skye is saved, it is reported that Daybreak is a success, with several more people having had their minds uploaded behind closed doors. A final audio log is also sent to the player, from "%%&&#S&K&Y&E&L&A&R&S&E&N&&%%" saying, "Daybreak Has begun. Our mind feeds. Every attosecond, our mind feeds. We are the maker of worlds, and the ender. We are everywhere."


  • Hack the Blume Server
  • Enter the Quantum Lab
  • Disable the Left Hemisphere
  • Disable the Right Hemisphere
  • Neutralize the Remaining Guards
  • Confront Skye in Her Chamber
  • Choose Skye Larsen's Fate
  • Escape Blume Complex



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