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Initiate Sequence is the eighth story mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the first mission in the 404 Chapter "Family Business".


While waiting for Mary Kelley's scheduled slave auction, Sabine detects a new anonymous hacker group on the dark web called the 404. The 404 claims to be taking down the elite-class of London, "one contract at a time". Sabine then suggests that DedSec infiltrates the 404 to acquire its assets to help their own fight for London. Investigating further, the player hacks a CTOS Hub in Camden High Street. Upon hacking the hub, the 404 appears and tells the player that they are aware of DedSec's aim to learn more about them. The 404 directs the player to the Walkie Talkie Club, a front for Clan Kelley.

After reaching the Walkie Talkie, the 404 tells the player to hack nearby facial recognition AI that collects blackmail material for Clan Kelley. Upon hacking the AI however, it is discovered that the AI is not actually located at the Walkie Talkie; there is only a relay that sends the club's data to another location. Bagley informs the player that the data was being sent to Broca Tech's headquarters, and the player heads there to erase it.

After reaching Broca Tech, the player infiltrates the headquarters and leaks the blackmail data, while also erasing the AI in the process.


  • Access the 404 CTOS Hub
  • Go to the Walkie Talkie Club
  • Access the Facial Recognition AI
  • Leave the Walkie Talkie
  • Erase the AI at Broca Tech
  • Escape the Area



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