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Not to be confused with the Combat Spiderbot.
Need stealthy access to cameras or systems that can only be reached through airducts or narrow passages? Not a problem with an Infiltrator Spiderbot. 
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The Infiltrator Spiderbot is a Gadget in Watch Dogs: Legion.


The Infiltrator Spiderbot, also known as the Spiderbot, is a small RC robot with eight legs and a body, resembling a spider. It can be used to access small spaces that the player normally cannot access. It can also perform non-lethal takedowns on enemies.


The Infiltrator Spiderbot costs 10 Tech Points. It can be further upgraded:

  • 20 Tech Points: Adds double jump and sprint capabilities.
  • 25 Tech Points: Adds a cloak that can be manually activated.


  • If you fully upgrade the Infiltrator Spiderbot, you can get two guaranteed kills: one if you distract the target and take them down (this is available from tier 1), and the other if you cloak and take them down.
  • If you are trying to collect Tech Points, the Inflitrator Spiderbot is a must-have, as you need it to get into many places only accessible by the Spiderbot.
  • The sprint on the Spiderbot has no cooldown, so use it as you wish.
  • Unlike the RC Jumper from Watch Dogs 2, the Spiderbot does not take any fall damage.
  • When you exit Spiderbot vision, it will automatically stop moving and cloak. At tier 3 it becomes usable while in use, but will still cloak when you exit.
  • While the Spiderbot is in the takedown animation, it won't take any damage.


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