A Rotor with an exclusive paint job.

Drift through life in this exceptionally slick ride... if you can manage to control it.
―In-game description.

The Sumitzu Auto Ice Cube is a two-door coupé that appears in Watch Dogs 2.


The Ice Cube is a unique variant of the Rotor that has a unique racing livery, complete with a red/yellow color with two black stripes on the hood, "RED THUNDER" writings, a number "22" and a large spoiler on the back. Also, during the night time, a yellow glowing light is emitted from the car, also creating a neon effect on its underside.


The Ice Cube has good top speed and acceleration, but its traction and durability are not the best among other similar cars. The car's newfound lack of traction, however, makes it much easier to get the rear end out. It is one of the few cars that can maintain a long, powered drift. Most vehicles in the game are only able to powerslide due to the new handling model. Despite its tendency to oversteer, it is a good choice for getaways and straight roads.


IceCube Location

Location of the Ice Cube in Watch Dogs 2.

  • The Ice Cube can be found at the top of the camping grounds in Kirby Cove, next to a campsite. This specific area is on the left side of the triangular road intersection.

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