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The interior of all standard hideouts. Visible is the Rest feature.

Hideouts are safehouses in Watch Dogs that the player can unlock.


Hideouts are essentially safehouses. These safehouses are disguised as shipping containers scattered throughout Chicago. Their story purpose was to be safehouses for Blume officials, (even though they are never used for that purpose). Each hideout is represented by two yellow arrows (>>). Hideouts can be unlocked after hacking CTOS Towers at the rate of one hideout per tower.


Hideouts and houses feature armories, allowing the player to store weapons and ammunition. They also contain wardrobes where Aiden's clothing can be changed. All of the non-story shipping containers hideouts each contain a computer that contains an audio log. Aiden is able to warp to any hideout at any time in free roam but not during missions. Aiden can also rest at each hideout, which allows the player to advance time by sleeping.


  • Hideouts are replaced by Hackerspaces in Watch Dogs 2.
  • If Aiden gets a wanted level, he will be locked out of all hideouts until the heat is gone.
  • In the closets there is a shirt with a line of binary across the chest. This shirt is not equippable.
  • The animation for getting in and out is using his phone to open and close the door.
  • Aiden had two hideouts in Parker Square, the Owl Motel and a Blume shipping container, and both were found by his enemies.
  • In Bad Blood, Blume found Aiden's Parker Square hideout and discovered that Aiden was using The Bunker as a hideout.
  • Aiden's hideouts appear in Bad Blood but are not able to be used.
  • The Tidis hideout is the only usable hideout in Bad Blood.
  • Inside the Tidis hideout by the door there is the Chicago South Club symbol. There is also one by T-Bone's bed, in the room with the TVs on the wall, and on the outside by other posters.

Available Hideouts